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                          EPC- Energy Performance Certificate &
                                      Legionella Risk Assessments

                       EPC required if you are selling or Letting a Property

                              EPC £75.00 Inclusive

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An Energy Performance Certificate - EPC  is a compulsory document required for Selling or Letting a property. The person Marketing or Selling the property must have a Valid EPC within 7 days of the first day of Marketing from 6th April 2012. Trading standards are the officers responsible for enforcing the legislation and they have the right to walk into any offices of Estate agents and other such people to request to see the EPC. If an EPC is not available they can request that marketing stops for that property until such time as one is available.

The Energy performance Certificate (EPC) gives home owners, tenants and buyers information on the energy efficiency of their property. It gives the property a standard energy and carbon emission efficiency grade 'A' to 'G', where 'A' is the most efficient and 'G' is the least. It comes in a report like format.

Please note from 1st April 2020, All Rental/Let properties must reach a minimum of an 'E' rating or above or be listed on the EPC Exemptions Register before they are let or even if they are currently occupied by a tenant.  

This report gives you information on:

  • Actual and potential energy efficiency within your home
  • Suggested improvements eg Loft insulation
  • An approximate cost of these improvements
  • Possible cost savings per year if the improvements were implemented

This information can be used to:

  • Cut fuel and energy bills
  • Improve energy performance within the home
  • Help cut carbon emissions
  • Help you choose a more energy efficient home to buy or rent

It is not compulsory for you to act on the recommendations within the report, however it can make your property more attractive to buy or rent by making it energy efficient

Please note by law an Energy Performance Certificate  must be carried out by a Certified Property Professional or Domestic Energy Assessor


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                                                          EPC Process

 Full acces to a property is required to complete an Energy Performance Certificate.

The assessor will go from room to room looking at the Heating, Lighting, Power and Insulation of the


A few evidentail photographs have to be taken but only the assessor and possibly an auditor will see


if the property is called for an audit.

The assessment takes approximately one hour and you will receive the certificate the same day as


The EPC will tell you: